1. Hong Sungchul

    (Source: maslindo.com)

  2. Hot air balloons drifting over Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

    (Source: dreamstime.com)

  3. Visible by Giacomo Favilla

  5. Gabriel Picolo’s 365 Project: Artist Doodles One Illustration A Day For The Whole Year

    (Source: 365-daysofdoodles.deviantart.com)

  6. (Source: baubauhaus.com)

  7. Anamorphic Cylinder Art

    (Source: boredpanda.com)

  8. Jamie Homeister's Feathered Canvas

  9. “Skate Fails” by ceramist Xavi Mañosa and Alex Trochut for Mañosa’s brand Appartau

  10. Atlantis by Zim And Zou

  12. Karla Mialynne uses watercolor pencils, colored markers, pens, and acrylic paint to make her animal and human drawings look vivid, colorful and lifelike.

    (Source: demilked.com)

  14. "Air Pool" by Merve Ozaslan

  15. Kim Kei  alters found objects and natural debris, through painting and sculpting them.