1. Christo and Jeanne-Claude
    Wall of Oil Barrels - The Iron Curtain, Rue Visconti, Paris, 1961-62

  2. Mix and Match and African inspired d’ete’ from Stella Jean- Spring Summer 2014

    (Source: moline-mercerie.com)

  3. Joana Vasconcelos

    (Source: maslindo.com)

  5. Eighties Babies Calendar 2014 

    For this project, I asked 12 girls living in Berlin, born in the 80s in several countries, to bring me their favorite childhood item.~ Saskia Schnel

  8. The ”EXPRESS YOURSELF: ART OF BLENDING” exhibition presented by Raison Pure NYC at Wanted Design 2013, an exercise in translation and re-definition, driven by five personal takes on the traditional Russian ritual of tea drinking.

    (Source: yatzer.com)

  9. Rex Ray. Collage on a grand scale

  10. The Singh Project is a wonderful, celebratory look at a modern, multicultural Britain and features members of the Sikh community.  By Amit and Naroop

  11. Bordalo Segundo installation in his hometown of Lisbon, Portugal; August 2014.

  12. In their series “Downtown Divas”, artists Gigi Ben Artzi and Loral Amir photographed Russian prostitutes from an undisclosed city in high end luxury fashion brand clothing. Paired with the images is a 16mm short film in which the artists conduct intimate interviews with each subject where they discuss terrible things that have been, what is their reality now, and what their hopes are for their future. While the photographs portray the heroine addicted rawness of some of these women, the film shows the tenderness and warmth that is still present within each woman and how even though they may have fallen upon hard times, there is still hope within each of them for a better day ahead.

    "I dream of rainbows……"

    (Source: juxtapoz.com)

  13. Dust by Jenny Holzer at Cheim & Reid

  14. FENDI Bird Mini Shoulder Bag

    (Source: shop.harpersbazaar.com)

  15. In the newly-published book titled Hollywood Frame by Frame, author Karina Longworth examines the contact sheet, a necessity in film making before the advent of digital technology.

    Hollywood Frame by Frame describes it as, “…it’s often the photos not chosen that best capture the true spirit of their subjects and the life they lead after the director yells cut. This was never truer than in the classic Hollywood era, where behind-the-scenes photos were carefully vetted for marketing purposes and unapproved shots were never expected to be seen again.