1. Paper Play is a new 256-page book exploring the use of paper in contemporary art and design.

  2. Just gimme some TRUTH

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  3. Joseph Decamillis breaths second life to old discarded books by inserting miniature illuminated into their covers. Postage stamp-sized artworks are done on copper plates and placed in carved niches.

  4. ondabed:

    Valloria, Italy

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  5. One to One Hundred 2 by Mark Gonyea

    Each One to One Hundred poster is a different graphic design representation of numbers from 1 to 100.

  6. On the train tracks in Lisbon by Artur Bordalo

  7. Aya Nishimura Food Styling

  9. Moonrise by Kevin Borland

  10. Cedric Delsaux  Inserts Star Wars Characters Into Plausible Earthbound Environments

  11. Levitate by Deniz Hotamisligil

  12. RDJ + PROPS = :) :) :)

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  13. New Georgian Ballet…

  15. Miuniku A/W 2014Mundane Things, inspired by their daily household chores. #fashion