1. The New York Times posted this beautiful video of a Congolese man making a soccer ball for village children.

  2. Boardwalk Portrait, Moscow, Russia

    (Source: besttravelphotos.me)

  3. A Dalston Anatomy by Lorenzo Vitturi

    Vitturi’s process is largely concerned with the creation, consumption and preservation of images. The makeshift sculptures he created mimic the organic and temporary nature of the market, and their documentation is the way in which they endure after diminishing.” (Bruno Ceschel)

  5. 30,000 LED Lights And Long Exposure Turn Budapest Trams Into Time Machines

    (Source: demilked.com)

  6. Julien Rivoire

    (Source: bastardgraphics.com)

  7. Lake Retba (Lac Rose) in Senegal has different shades of pink depending on the season and time of the day.

  10. In his series “Coathangers, David Mach constructs lifelike animals from wire hangers, allowing the pointed metal hooks to extend past the boundaries of the figure.

  11. TEDDY COHEN, Tel Aviv, Israel, 3rd Place – Animals #2013iPhonePhotography

    (Source: demilked.com)

  13. JR at the Pantheon.  The French government has commissioned JR to create an installment that covers the floor, copula, and dome of the Panthéon in Paris.  Titled Au Panthéon, this installation features 4,160 anonymous wheat-pasted portraits that will be visible while the Panthéon is being restored.

    (Source: psfk.com)

  14. © Inês d’Orey’s Limbo

    (Source: phmuseum.com)

  15. Scenes from Burning Man, shot by Trey Ratcliff

    (Source: butdoesitfloat.com)