1. For Brotherhood of Bears, New York-based photographer Alan Charlesworth offers an intimate glimpse into the world of Bears, a subculture within the LGBT community composed of gay men who pride themselves on their robust stature and brawny masculinity.

  3. The Sculpture of Aron Demetz

    (Source: vitaanteacta.wordpress.com)

  6. Villa Allegra’:  The Cheerful House of Architect  Chad Oppenheim in Miami Beach, Florida

  7. The Museum of Water, created by London-based artist Amy Sharrocks, displays a collection of public donated water in bottles of all shapes and sizes accumulated over a period of two years.

  9. vogue italia | 10.14 
    photography © sølve sundsbø

    (Source: dirtyflaws.com)

  10. (Source: dirtyflaws.com)

  11. spontaneity

    (Source: visualnews.com, via infinitelysober)

  13. OnlyMilo aka Ruiz Burgos recently started an new project entitled The Saturday Evening Post in which he draws amazing illustrations of DC superheroes and villains with the style of Norman Rockwell.

  15. Jim Hodges, ‘Give More Than You Take’ (2014)

    (Source: hammer.ucla.edu)