1. Dishes – Jean-Francois De Witte

    (Source: whitezine.com)

  3. RED CANYON - Dixie National Forest, Utah | Ron Neibrugge.

    (Source: wildnatureimages.com)

  4. A girl at shrine of Sachal Sarmast by Tanwir Jogi

  5. ROA  Outside London
  6. great escape | The Sketch Book Islee

  8. In the large Ivory Coast city of Abidjan it was once common to see Hââbré, the ancient custom of scarification. Today only the older people wear scarifications and when Joana Choumali decided to photograph them for her series “Haabre, The Last Generation 2013-2014″ she had a hard time finding people to pose for her.

    Scarification is the practice of performing a superficial incision in the human skin. This practice is disappearing due to the pressure of religious and state authorities, urban practices and the introduction of clothing in tribes.”

  9. I Am Whoever You Want Me To Be //  Dorothy Iannone

  11. Urban art in Gyumri (Armenia) - Unknown artist

  12. "In your Shirt" editorial by photog Maxime Froge and stylist Laetitia Roubki do the twist in this chic editorial that redefines the classic men’s oxford.

  13. Black on Black captured by Romain Ricard for Elle Decoration

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  14. China - Joel Santos