2. Karla Mialynne uses watercolor pencils, colored markers, pens, and acrylic paint to make her animal and human drawings look vivid, colorful and lifelike.

    (Source: demilked.com)

  4. "Air Pool" by Merve Ozaslan

  5. Kim Kei  alters found objects and natural debris, through painting and sculpting them.

  7. AOKI Tetsuo 2007 Standing People

    (Source: Flickr / waycollection)

  8. “Gay Men Draw Vaginas” project by Keith Wilson and Shannon O’Malley

    (Source: The Huffington Post)

  10. Borondo - Madrid, Spain

    (Source: flickr.com)

  11. Rintala Eggertsson Architects create a sprawling, skeletal iteration of the fish rack, a gritty symbol of the spirit of Norway and built as part of the region’s SALT celebration.

  12. Roy Two Thousand has compiled a bunch of incredible time-lapse footage from last year’s Burning Man festival

  14. Suren Manvelyan

  15. Two LIFE photographers named John Dominis and Bill Eppridge capture not only the music of Woodstock, but of the crowds, muddy fields, and lush woods where young people celebrated their youth.