1. Hedvig Palm by Tim Walker for Red Valentino Campaign FW 2013-2014

  2. Color Fields by Mitch Paster

  3. “To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its release we invited New York illustrator Johnny Dombrowski to create this stunning poster for the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s iconic whodunnit Murder On The Orient Express. In the spirit of this star-studded classic Johnny Dombrowski has cleverly peppered his illustration with a number of clues — plus a red herring or two — detective Hercule Poirot encounters during his investigation. Can you spot them all?”

    (Source: blackdragonpress.co.uk)

  4. Digital Art by Josh Dykgraaf

  6. Cedric Laquieze has recently completed an exquisite series of taxidermy Fairies.

  7. Marvel got master of erotic comics Milo Manara to do a cover for Spider-Woman #1

    (Source: uproxx.com)

  8. Laura Jenkinson's Cartoon Lips

  9. The Big Four

  10. You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy

  12. Color Coded Food and Flowers by  Emily Blincoe

  14. Tony Hammond takes beautifully minimal photographs using only his iPhone and bit of editing before posting the images to Instagram.