1. 'In finite' by Hilary White

    (Source: artistaday.com)

  2. Holi by Nadia Wicker.

  3. (Source: Vice Magazine)

  7. Neil Dawson constructs sculptures made from aluminum and stainless steel, creating geometric shapes that appear to floating mid-air or suspended by nearly invisible reinforcements.

    (Source: reginasworld)

  8. Hong Kong Facades by Miemo Penttinen

  9. Bogart & Bacall:  A Love Story

    (Source: hollywoodreporter.com)

  10. Le stanze ritratte da Menno Aden

    (Source: reginasworld)

  11. (Source: 500px.com)

  12. Paper artist Maude White

  13. Pablo Jänicke’s Crown of Smoke

  14. Weird that I don’t see “stunningly attractive” anywhere on there…” Robert Downey Jr

  15. Landing - M A T T E O