1. CG artists Dmitry Patsukevich and Constantin Bolimond got inspired by the Simpsons and Piet Mondrian to create these beautiful wine bottles and packaging. #wine #packaging #bottleart

    (Source: trendland.com)

  2. Josiah Jones’ Modular Lunch Tray

    A solution to food presentation monotony… resulting in the perfect formation for any given meal.

    (Source: beatpie.com)

  4. Porcelain sculptures by artist Jessica Stoller.

  7. sleepyhead by © katie silvester

  8. Alberto Sevesos ‘s liquid nudes

  10. Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts 2014

    Photography: Ronald Stoops, Styling: Dirk Van Saene, Model: Luca, Make-up: Inge Grognard for Yves Saint Laurent assisted by Sabine Peeters, Photography assistants: Christine Clinckx, Priscilla Gils & Jef Jacobs

    (Source: dazeddigital.com)

  13. (Source: y2kb2k, via misjudgments)

  14. Washington Post Illustration by Malika Favre

  15. Lina Manousogiannaki’s costumed heretics of “Superheroes Gone Old”