2. The Pluralism Project

    "Floating Lanterns," Dwight K. Morita.

    These floating lanterns memorialize those that have passed away at Ala Moana Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.  As the sun sets in the background, small boats with Buddhist monks and church volunteers help to launch and shepherd the small armada of lantern ships, each inscribed with sentiments from family and friends.  This traditional Buddhist practice began as a small ritual, but has since grown to become a major event attracting thousands of people of all faiths from around the world.

  4. Hye Jin Chung's Summer/Ice Cream

  5. X-Rayed Toys by Brendan Fitzpatrick

  6. Rebecca Litchfield’s old Soviet Union

  8. Beth Scher‘s “Female Soldiers”

  10. Facebook Cover Photos by Nikki #photography #hilarious

    (Source: Gizmodo)

  11. “All Summer in a Day” is a series by photographer Elizabeth Weinberg, loosely based on the Ray Bradbury short story of the same name.

  12. For the 2013 KOBE Biennale artists and designers were invited to create environments inside industrial shipping containers as part of the ‘Art in a Container International Competition.’ Designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki created Wink Space, a modular installation made from mirrors that formed a giant kaleidoscopic tunnel.

  14. Robin Wight's stainless steel fairies at Trentham Gardens