1. (Source: seaofshoes.com)

  2. Amfursand by David McLeod

  4. Michael Zavros realist paintings

  6. The Beauty of 70s Rock ‘n’ Roll Glamour for TOM FORD Spring/Summer 2015

    (Source: senatus.net)

  7. In the world of Pleunie Buynik, stones are flexible, liquid-looking and obedient to the creative owner.

  8. Lakeside Tranquility by Mark Mol

    (Source: earthshots.org)

  9. Plastic Perfect by Rachel Lee Hovanian, is an intricate exhibition exploring the effects of technology on human relationships.

    Leila Heller Gallery
    September 4 – October 18, 2014
    568 West 25th Street. New York, NY 10001
    212 430 5800
    To see more visit www.rachelleehovnanian.com

  10. The Milan Malpensa Hotel by King Roselli Architetti

  11. Fractals by Eli Vokounova aka lucid-light

  12. Peacock by Bill Brown

  13. Harrison Ford:  Holloween 2008

  14. Coarse – The Passage — ignited monochrome

  15. Poster for Zorik Istomin by Dmitry JD