1. Round Face:  Does shape matter?

    SO many of us think we have a round face. But when it comes to face shapes you really want to try and be sure you know which one or two you are. Use this guide to get a more accurate answer.

    Ginnifer Goodwin has always done a great job keeping her round face looking more oval-ish.  Here’s some pointers for you round-face beauties:

    • Shaping: Keep a little hair out in front of the ear and not to tuck it back. Look at each of Ginnifer’s images above– there’s always a little something in front of one ear or both. The reason this is helps a round face is because it visually stops the width of your face. It cuts off “the circle” and tricks the eye into thinking that the width of the face face stops there.
    • Don’t over do it: It doesn’t take a lot of hair being pushed forward to minimize the roundness of the face– instead try the tip above. Let that beautiful face come out from behind the hair curtain!
    • Deep part: A deep part is wonderful for a round face because it changes the focal point of the length of your face. If you look at the bottom left photo, Ginnifer parts the hair, it goes up off of her forehead and then down at the cheek. You can obviously see that this makes her face look more oval. On the bottom right, she swoops it down and across which also makes the face look a bit longer.
    • Chop Chop: Don’t be afraid to just chop that hair right OFF! Round + oval faces are the absolute best face shapes for going super short and no one works a better pixie than Ginnifer Goodwin. She plays with so many textures and she minimized the roundness in just the right ways.
    • KEEP THE PIECE: Really important– ask (beg) your hairstylist to leave that little section that falls in front of your ear  on the long side. Not longer than the rest neccessarily, but as long as the length of your hair.
    • Short haircuts: Keep some texture in short hair. Sleek short haircuts on a round face can make it appear more round. For an every day short cut, meaning a bob or pixie, texture will diffuse the roundness. If your hair is naturally straight, put some weightless mousse in the roots and then give it some quick curl with curling wand.
    • Mid-length haircuts: Layers in medium-length hair are great for round faces as long as “The Piece” mentioned above remains intact. Ask your hairdresser to only give you layers “above the occipital”. In English, that means that the only hair that gets layered is the hair that grows above that bone you feel in the back of your head. That usually leaves a nice weight to the ends and then plenty of layers to play with.
    • Long haircuts: The best way to wear long or super-long hair with a round face is to add layers and a long bang. Long hair with a round face needs some texture and the only way to get that is by adding layers.
    • Bangs: The rumor is that girls with round faces shouldn’t have bangs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s more than fine to cut bangs and have a round face as long as they’re the right kind of bang. Here’s a bang guide to help you see the difference. 
    • High Pony: Sometimes a high pony can help elongate a round face. The volume on top can extend the silhouette of the head tricking the eye into thinking you have more of an oval face. Try wearing it with some loose natural pieces falling out in front of the ear and alongside your face.

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